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Hudson River Valley, New York

Aligned • Centered • Sovereign


Presenting a Unique Offering
Energetic Medicine:

A proprietary system  distilled from over  25 years of clinical experience in bodywork, energy-work and Classical Chinese medicine,  synthesizing

  • Taiwanese bonesetting (manual therapy),

  • Craniosacral Therapy, and

  • Thai massage.

Treatments seek to harmonize the bioenergetics of the body by clearing obstructions, moving stagnation and harmonizing energy flow. 

Applied Qigong Therapy can be helpful for:​

  • Addressing chronic and acute back, neck and joint pain;

  • Mitigating past concussions and old persistent injuries;

  • Relieving headaches and  migraines; 

  • Easing mental and emotional issues, such as depression, anxiety and  chronic stress; and

  • Promoting a heightened sense of wellbeing, clarity, focus, and personal alignment.


Expanded Containers
Are Available to Include: 

 A holistic approach to lifestyle mentorship and wellness consulting rooted in Hermetic principles, Taoist cosmology, and Classical Chinese medicine.

Drawing from my clinical expertise as a body/energy worker and background as a teacher and community leader, I cultivate a sacred space in which you are guided back to your center and felt sense of personal power.   Through clear boundaries and grounded intentions, we embark on a transformative journey to explore and overcome the primary obstacles hindering the fulfillment of your utmost potential in life and love.

The heart of the therapeutic principle is focussed on the soma. We work to recalibrate your body as an instrument of divine wisdom and grace.  Through realighning your physical, emotional, and perceptual centers, you are thereby empowered to master your inner compass and joyfully embrace your personal journey toward healing and growth.

Common areas of focus can include:

  • Physical Health and Overall Wellbeing; ​

  • Integrating Peak Experiences and Pivotal Life Transitions;

  • Releasing and Integrating Trauma;

  • Intimacy and Relationship Fluency: Fortifying the Conjunctio or Inner Marriage; and 

  • Aligning with Personal and Collective Purpose and Meaning.  

D in Deloso.jpg

“Don't surrender your loneliness so quickly. Let it cut you more deep. Let it ferment and season you as few humans and even divine ingredients can. ”

― Hafiz

I am a fellow traveler - a pilgrim - also on a LifePath of human re-membering.   

My intention is to share from my own mistakes and learning, from the skillset I have cultivated along the Way. 

I am not your healer.  You do not need to be fixed.   I am not your coach.  I do not possess the "playbook" nor is my presence requisite for you to make your "play" with, for and in Life.  

I am a Porter for the Soul. 

I work to facilitate - as we journey - together

Background Accumen:

  • Masters of Good and Sustainable Communities

  • Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine

  • 25+ year clinical experience in Body and Energy work

    • Tuina/Taiwanese manual therapy and bonesetting​

    • Craniosacral Therapy - Upledger Fellowship

    • Traditional Thai massage - 

      • WatPo (southern style - advanced training)​

      • Nuad Bo Ran (northern style - advanced training and teaching cert)

  • 30+ years traditional martial arts

    • ​Classical ​​​Gongfu and Qigong

    • Traumaology/Triage Care 

  • 12+ years practicing Classical Chinese Medicine as a health care professional​.

    • Acupuncture​

    • Herbal medicine

    • Dietetics 

    • Therapeutic Exercise 

    • Integrative medicine 

  • 30+ years in the Non-Profit arena​

    • Youth Empowerment​

    • Community health and medicine

    • Domestic and International 

  • 30+ years as an instructor and facilitator​

    • 1:1 to groups of 100+​

    • ages 5-95



Core Precepts:


  • The Obstacle is the Path

  • We are the Universe embodied, here to experience its own greatness via Love, Joy and Truth.  

  • As we journey through Life, Life journeys through us. 

  • We experience obstacles and challenges along the Way, so that we may have the opportunity to express and expand our inherent capacity for divinity, freedom and grace.  

  • This happens naturally when we hone our center and operate from a felt sense of vertical power.

  • Harmony within our own internal experience begets harmony in our shared external life within our local, regional and global communities. 

  • Our task, therefore, is one of re-alignment; when we become centered physically, emotionally and perceptually, our meaning and purpose become emergent and self evident.

  • The obstacle before you is your purpose.  You found it.  You have arrived.       


Sean Andrew Orlando 



Doctor of Physical Therapy, Health Consultant, Husband and Father of 3, Lifelong Athlete

"Sean possesses deep compassion for humanity and it has always been obvious that he is in the healing arts to help others, way ahead of the lure of money or notoriety. He is an astute listener and observer, and demonstrates a unique ability to listen and feel the story being told by his patient. Sean's hands were made for therapeutic touch....
There is no doubt that the content man I have become, as a clinician, a father and a human being, has been shaped by Sean in myriad of ways.”

I am Sean Andrew Orlando

a creative

a father 

a huma•preneur 

I am here to offer reflection, guidance


to help bear the load and undertake the passage


To return to


together, may we all

Remember Human



Hudson River Valley

New York Sate


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