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** if you cannot find a time that works for you, please call 845 218.1727 **

Applied Qigong Therapy
Energy Medicine Treatment 


Now Offering Sessions In:


[For Sessions in Brooklyn: Crown Heights or Long Island: Atlantic Beach

please call 845.218.1727 to inquire about availability] 

Session Details


Here are some important details for your upcoming session:


Applied Qigong Therapy (AQT) is a proprietary method of energetic medicine distilled from 25+ years of clinical experience in Chinese Medicine, Asian Bodywork and Craniosacral Therapy.

Session’s are 1:1 and consist of:

  • discussion and sharing regarding health history, current wellness goals and intentions for the session; and

  • An evaluation of the body’s bioenergetics that can include deep pressure, light contact, and/or off-the-body energy work.  Whereas modalities such as massage therapy and other expressions of bodywork seek to influence the muscles, tendons, and other physical structures of the body, AQT works directly with the body’s energetic channels, points and centers, as well as the energetic field held around it.  It is important to note that a residual effect of the evaluation process can be tissue release that may result in pain relief, audible sounds (e.g., "popping" or "clicking"), relaxation, and/or catharsis/emotional release.

Following the bioenergetic evaluation, clients receive personalized consultation and guidance derived from the assessment findings.   This tailored approach aims to empower individuals in fostering their health and wellbeing through actionable recommendations and insights specific to their bioenergetics.

Sessions can also include coordinated and assisted stretching, breath-work, posturing, and movement.

It is also important to consider that the residual effects of an AQT Session may continue to “settle in” over the course of 2-3 days after the session.  During this time, please take the necessary steps to ensure proper self-care (rest, hydration, nourishment, and time for reflection and integration) and please do not plan any type of high impact exercise or “limit-pushing” experience.

All sessions are conducted fully clothed and clients are encouraged to arrive in or with loose, comfortable clothing. Clients are also encouraged to ensure that they are well-hydrated and nourished prior to arrival.

Session Length:

Sessions typically last 75 minutes, with an allotted time of 90 minutes to accommodate arrival, transitioning on and off the table, and preparation for the next client. Late arrivals will result in a shortened session as my schedule is often fully booked.  If additional discussion, questions, or sharing is needed, a free discovery call can be scheduled before the session to maximize table time (please call 845 218.1727 if you would like to take advantage of this offer).  I reserve the right to extend the session if time permits, so please inform me in advance if you have a strict time constraint.

Investment and Reciprocal Exchange:

I value a session at: $300.00.

I use the following scale as a model to help my clients choose the reciprocal exchange that feels the most fair and equitable:

$250.00 = I acknowledge the support created by this community and client base.

$300.00 = I recognize the value of the session and am happy to meet it.

$350.00 = I celebrate a position of abundance and help enable a support system within this community and client base,

Please know that I am always open to more flexibility with this scale - in either direction - as well as alternative means of reciprocal exchange and shared economy.

I am looking forward to working with you soon!

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