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Short.  Sweet.  Profound. 

This uplifting little book is all about learning how to use your no’s to define and proclaim your Yes!  in and to Life. 

A perfect travel companion, likewise naturally at home in any bathroom, reception area, or on a coffee table, The Gentle Art of Denial  is meant to be read in one sitting.  Then digested, contemplated, integrated, and then read again and again.  

A wonderful study of the ancient hermetic principle of polarity, those with eyes to see will also come to understand its practical application within the principles of rhythm and neutralization as well.  

At the very least, it is sure to make you smile and maybe even laugh little. 

So find your favorite pair of brown socks and then read, enjoy, re-read, and repeat!  

The Sacred Art of Rowing:
In Process of Publication

The Quizmatic Art of Counting:


Escrito DelOso

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Is Our Life's Highest 


The Obstacle is the Path

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