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Core Precept 

I am a fellow traveler, a pilgrim also on the a Life-Path returning to Self.   

My intention is to share from my own mistakes and learning - from the skillset I have cultivated along the Way. 

I am not your healer - you do not need to be fixed.   I am not your coach - I do not possess the "playbook" nor is my presence requisite for you to make your "play" with, for and in Life.  


I am a Porter for the Soul. 

I wish to facilitate, to ease the burden. 


The Obstacle is the Path

We are the Universe embodied.  

Here to experience its own greatness via Love, Joy and Truth.  

As we journey through Life, Life journeys through us. 

We experience obstacles and challenges so that we may have the opportunity to express and expand our inherent capacity for divinity, freedom and grace.  

This happens naturally when we hone our center and operate from our felt sense of vertical power.  

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